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Do you suffer from G.O.L.M. ?

I've long been a believer in the vibrational power of the energy of love and gratitude. Even so, I still sometimes find myself slipping into G.O.L.M. 'Grumpy Old Lady Mode'. Not that often but it happens - let's be real and not Pollyanna!

Stop right now and be honest with yourself: in this time of change for us all, how do you view your life? optimistic? opportunity? go with the flow? time for positive reassessment? joyful? So easy to write or say positive things, but harder to actually live these words.

But, your mind and Mini--me will believe what you tell it, if you paint a convincing story, and pretty soon that story will become your reality!

On a micro individual level and on a macro society level - it can influence our lives and environment for the better (or worse).

Start cultivating the energy of joy, laughter, smiles, optimism, opportunity, positive change etc., into your energy field and sooner or later it will seep out to those around you. Create the energy of abundance so that abundance will indeed be attracted to you, and it's not just about money (although that helps).

Choose to focus on what is good in your life, I appreciate you might have to dig around a bit for that, but it's there! find it, cherish it, nurture it, it will lighten and lift your spirits.

So today, simply find ONE thing that you can appreciate. Mine is the appreciation for a friend with history who has helped me enormously over the past 2 weeks with a practical challenge I was facing. She knows who she is!!! Boy, I'm so grateful.

Every single day I feel so grateful for Mabel and Merlin, my dogs and for the beautiful view from my terrace - those always make me smile.

Try and find ONE thing every day - take a few minutes to be still and contemplate - it may be a person, it may be an opportunity, it may be your animal companion, it may be a view, it may be simply that you can get out of bed in the morning and everything in your body is working!

.... and last but not least, I'm also grateful to YOU for reading this !!! Love Maddie

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