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Crystals - How to choose one

Well the simple answer is you don’t choose a crystal – it chooses you!

Visit your crystal shop, try to be grounded and put out the intention that the right crystal, or crystals, will find you with ease. By ‘right’ I mean a crystal that will give you what you need at the moment in the way of support physically, emotionally or even spiritually.

See what crystals call out to you:

· which ones do you feel like holding and touching?

· which one catches your attention?

· Is there one that feels as if it has a vibrational resonance with you?

· Which feels as if it has what you need right now?

Trust your gut feel. This is beyond the intellect.

Don’t overthink it or get hung up on what books or labels say about the stone, that’s only part of the story, the other part, and equally important, is how it makes you ‘feel’, how it interacts with your energy at the moment. I tend to choose my crystal first and then research it. I often promptly forget what it ‘means’ and work purely with what it ‘feels’ like. In this way we remove man-made boundaries to possibilities.

If you are starting out, start with just one crystal, live with it, clear it, charge it, talk to it, get to know it, make a friend of it and then you can go back and get another one, or should I say be chosen by another one. Oh, and don’t forget pebbles on the beach, rocks from the hillside all carry an energy, so if you can’t get to a crystal store, go and find a pebble to ponder!

….. and so your collection of Nature’s little helpers will grow.

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