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Every day I ask my personal oracle cards to show me the focus I need to work with that day.

(check out my CONVERSATIONS WITH THE WOW home study module on how to make your own and work with them, I love the ease of identifying what to focus on, if my intuition or intellect has gone on holiday! They are a hyperlink to your Wise One Within and provide seriously valuable clues as to what's going on in your body ... all you need are a few small, blank cards).

Today the cards suggested I focus on my chakra teamwork.

So, the individual chakras are spinning away happily BUT they are not talking to each other particularly well, the 'teamwork' is weak. Tight teamwork is essential for ALL energy systems to weave and dance together, but particularly important in the 7 main chakras located up the mid-line of our body.

Inspired by Donna Eden’s Advanced Chakra Class, this is what I do to unify the chakras with HEART ENERGY to balance and enhance them.

Find a quiet place to sit, clear the space, light some incense, switch off the phone.

Get grounded first:

  • Root down into the earth

  • Discharge any old stale, tired stagnant energy

  • Pull up nurturing YIN energies through your body to your heart,

  • Feel the Yin and Heart energies dance and weave together in the Heart Chakra

  • Bring your hands together in front of your heart in prayer position

  • Rub them together and shake off to ensure they are energetically clean

  • You may like to rub in essential oil mix or flower essence of your choice. The chakras are very much associated with the endocrine system, so today I'm using a lovely blend one of my students gave me: Neal's Yard Women's Balance

  • Inhale the oil or essence

  • Return them to prayer position in front of the heart, smile and breath deeply as you connect to the chakra. Some traditions say this area is a 'gateway to the soul', it's definitely an area of great calm.

  • Below is the Spiral Sequence to hook up each of the Chakras to this powerful Yin/Heart energy. Hold each one for however long feels good to you - 30 seconds is my average. You might like to focus on an affirmation relevant to that connection, I've made a suggestion but your own will be more powerful.

BRING YOUR RIGHT HAND DOWN TO YOUR SOLAR PLEXUS - I bring the loving, healing energy of my Heart Chakra to the powerful, active energy of 'me', bringing a gentleness, an integrity to the 'doing' Maddie as she steps forward in her life.


SPIRAL RIGHT HAND UP TO HOOK UP WITH THROAT – YOU MAY FEEL LIKE SPREADING OUT YOUR HAND TO COVER ALL THE CHAMBERS (you'll also cover the Vagus Nerve) - I bring the loving, healing energy of my Heart Chakra to handle change in my live, to talk my truth with compassion and empower all 7 chambers and radiate out to my Vagus Nerve to enhance it's tone and efficiency.

SPIRAL DOWN TO WOMB (2nd) I bring the loving, healing energy of my Heart Chakra to the seat of my creativity and my 'gut feel'.

SPIRAL UP TO CROWN CHAKRA (7TH) - I bring the loving, healing energy of my Heart Chakra to the connection with my ancestors, with the Source. All is loving. I am not alone.

SPIRAL DOWN TO ROOT CHAKRA (1ST) I bring the loving, healing energy of my Heart Chakra to my connection with the Earth, knowing all my survival needs are met with ease. I am safe, I found my tribe and I ground myself easily and with love in the purity of the now moment.

SPIRAL UP TO 3RD EYE. I bring the loving, healing energy of my Heart Chakra - may I look through the lens of love and kindness, may my perspective be optimistic and may I see the way ahead with clarity.

End with both hands over the heart, rock very gently, smile and quietly say 'thank you'.

Figure 8 between each chakra and the next, working upwards. Fluff out the aura in front of them and end with Figure 8's in general in front of the torso.

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Paula Gilson
Paula Gilson
16 jun 2020

Thanks Maddie for sharing your knowledge and wisdom. I loved her chakra class. Was hoping another discounted class would follow. I’m a sponge sucking up as much as I can learn. Loving it all. Be well and thank you🙏


Me gusta
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