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Do you store fat around your waist area?

Do you bloat out and look like a little Buddha?

Then doing the Buddha Belly swish can help you slim down that area.

It's simple, take a look at me doing it in this video (as part of a belt flow exercise)

  1. Clean your tools first (see my blog on rubbing hands together and shaking off old stale energies so you are working with energetically 'clean' hands).

  2. Bend forwards very slightly,bring your hands to the lower back area, over the kidneys and rub up and down, creating heat in the area with your palms.

  3. Stop and continue holding the area and focus on connecting with it. Feel the energy.

  4. Next pull both hands slowly around to the front of the body, try and keep contact with the energy with your palms.

  5. Finish by bringing both hands off the body, in front of the navel, with a 'clap'.

.... and that's it BUT you may like to add the side stretching and traditional 'belt flow' tracing to really make it a work out for that area.

Clears old stale energy from the area, can help reduce bloating and 'fat' retention in that whole area. It strengthens the Extraordinary Vessel known as Belt Flow which delivers myriad advantages and I'll write more about it in another blog,but briefly:

  • The belt flow surrounds the waist. It connects the energies of the top part of the body and the bottom part of the body and is crucial for balance and health.

  • It brings harmony to the chakras, meridians and organs that sit below it, all so important.

  • Brings balance to how inspired and how grounded we feel, how well we mange being off with the fairies and paying the bills and cleaning the cat litter!

  • Connects second and third chakras –it affects our sense of responsibility.

  • Associated with illeocecal valve and digestion in general.

  • Lower back pain can also result from a belt flow problem.

  • It works the Mingmen area allowing your ancestral energies and wisdom to flow.

  • Coming off the navel activates your connection to the Mother of them all - Gaia.

So, I suspect you might agree it's worth doing! And don't forget you can stretch out the entire belt area when you are in the shower - with soapy hands, imagine a belt around your waist and stretch out with one hand towards your head and with the other towards your feet (at the same time), creating space for the energy to move and when energy moves, everything else does too, including any build up of bloat and even fat.

Click on this link for a you tube of Donna and her daughters doing it!

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