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We are a complex potpourri of emotions - each serves it purpose, from anger and fear to sorrow and grief. The secret to energetic, physical, emotional and spiritual health is to acknowledge, honour and allow these very real emotions to pass through us .... that is a healthy transit.

" ..... and this too shall pass"

The problem presents itself when they get 'stuck' in our body and begin to stagnate over hours, days, weeks, months and sometimes even years. It is the lack of movement, the stagnation and inability to let go and move along, that causes mischief.

What's festering away within you? Be honest with yourself, nobody need know.

  • Are you finding it difficult to release a feeling of hopelessness?

  • Are you angry at yourself?

  • Are you furious with the world?

  • Do you have a feeling of being lonely and unloved or not belonging to a tribe, of rejection?

  • Are you suffering from a loss, sadness, a grief?

See what springs to mind, it may be obvious (if you have recently lost a loved one) or it may be something that surprises you and comes to mind from childhood .... be open and see what comes into focus. Don't overthink it.

To help process, release and break the bonds of stagnation, try holding these points on either side of the face, lightly, with a smile and saying an affirmation along these lines (I'm going to use grief as an example but it could be anything) - use your own words.

It is now safe and absolutely the right time to let this grief move along, I honour it, I understand it, I learn from it and I will feel and respect it's whisper but I now allow the energy to move outward and onward, with an ease and grace.... so that my grief can be processed in a healthy way, a way that allows me to feel it yet also find the joy and blessing in the life I do live. It is part of my evolution, yes it will take time, but it is moving through as it should. All is well, all is as it should be as I slowly turn my face to the sun again. Thank you.

At the same time you will be holding:

Large Intestine #20 located by the side of each nostril.

It has the beautiful name of Welcome Fragrance. The sense of smell is our oldest sense, it goes straight to the Limbic brain, think how quickly a smell can take you back to a situation in life and the emotions associated with it.

This point is integral in being able to eliminate that which no longer serves our higher good. It gives stagnate, or potentially stagnate, energies a nudge to move along and exit.

Stomach #1 located just in the middle of the lower eyelid, it can be sensitive to access, so move down slightly to find a comfortable spot, within a thumb width.

Called Receive Tears, it opens up the energy in the Stomach meridian so that those tears, that grief can be 'digested', it helps us grieve and not get stuck in the past but be able to move on, not forgetting but finding joy in a healthy memory revisited occasionally rather than living in the past constantly.

They can be held on both sides of the body at the same time: I use middle fingers on side of nostrils and index finger (gently) on the point below the eyes.

The nostril points especially can be tender if you have any kind of sinus blockage and in fact, I often suspect a 'letting go' or an inability to digest an issue when I encounter blocked sinuses.

Holding these points enables the energy that is 'stuck', or is in danger of becoming so, to move through the meridian flow cycle to be processed by stomach and moved on.

End by flattening each hand and moving out to the side of the face, slowly, down the neck and bring hands over the heart area, smile and say thank you.

Click on the Dropbox link above to see demo of holding the points.

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