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Do you find yourself wondering why you walked into the kitchen, went upstairs, trying to remember what you did last week?

Our brains can get so full with information nowadays that they become very, shall we say, 'selective' in their recall! It's not necessarily early onset senility, dementia ..... it can be you are simply in a state of overload.

A fresh flush of Cerebral Spinal Fluid via Donna Eden's exercise can work wonders:

Deep breathing, especially out in the fresh air is invaluable, the brain needs oxygen: I love breathing in for a count of 4, holding for a count of 4, exhaling for a count of 6 - and repeat. If you ensure the exhale is longer than the inhale it can help tone your Vagus Nerve function.

Here are some breathing/lung ideas shared by Donna and her daughters. The better the lung function the better the efficiency of the body's breathing

A balanced, nutrient-rich diet is essential as is keeping the body fully hydrated .... but I'm not going to preach here, we all know the value of these two aspects of our self care.

Walking away from your computer and becoming more discerning in your workload, to lessen it, without necessarily lessening the quality but increasing effective 'time management' could be necessary. This is a must to help come out of any state of overload.

Giving the brain something totally different to think about that will relax it. e.g. a great novel, an uplifting film or laughing with friends is a must. Part of our brains thrive with social interaction, after all, we are social animals.

I once had a client who was a Neurologist and I asked her about what one can do to maintain brain function and her simple answer was to USE THE BRAIN every day in a way that feels a bit 'uncomfortable', that you can feel is stretching it a bit. e.g. do a crossword, if you find those easy try Sudoku which will exercise another part of the brain. , do wordsearch, scrabble, learn a language, play an instrument, memorise poetry .... make it something that is a form of gym for your brain but that you also enjoy.

In a recent edition of WDDTY (What Doctors Don't Tell You), in an article entitled MIND OVER GREY MATTER, they talk about the benefits of meditation to brain health and mention a short practice (Kirtan Kriya) that I found interesting. I'm going to try it for 21 days and see if I feel a difference. I invite you to do the same. If it simply gives the brain a rest for a few minutes, it has to be good. I'm going to do it when I walk the dogs, under the hedgerow!

It's a Kundalini yoga technique. The ideal is .....

  • You repeat SAA TAA NAA MAA for two minutes out loud - in a sing/chant rhythm (click on the link above to get an idea)

  • Repeat in a whisper for two minutes

  • Silent repetition for four minutes

  • Whisper for 2 minutes

  • Out load for a final 2 minutes

OK .... I'm off to walk the dogs and do some brain building!

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