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Bladder 60 to ease stiffness in back legs and back

Bladder 60 can help ease pain along the spine and in ankle and hip joints: located on the outside of the back leg where the leg bone meets the ankle.

On you it’s just behind the lateral malleolus (outside ankle bone).

Simply massage around the joint with focus on the outside (Yang side). Go gently, focus on creating space around the area so that blood and energy can flood into the point. Rub to create heat. Figure 8 just off the body. Experiment and see what 'feels' to be working. Your animal's reaction will guide you.

I'm a huge fan of gently tapping all around a joint for 20-30 seconds and then 'brushing off' the leg followed by tracing figure 8's all over the joint.

Why does this work? the tapping stimulates and loosens stale, tired energy trapped in the joint that can be contributing to stiffness and pain. then brushing off, moves that energy down and off the paw/hoof (make sure you do take it right off the body). Figure 8'ing stabilises and heals an area.

You can do it on you too! click on this link for a little video on the sacred art of hairbrush tapping!

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