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I have named this Summer my ‘Summer of Self Care’ …. I take care of myself pretty well – I’m in the Energy Medicine community, I write and teach about it, so it’s pretty high on my agenda.

I truly appreciate that my lifestyle choices and the food I eat are the best medicine a girl could have. What I put in my mouth directly impacts not just my body but also my mind and emotions too.

But, we know that.

However, every now and again I feel the need to sit back, take stock and see what I can do to refresh and revitalise my self-care, have I slipped into a rut? Does my body now need something different? Do I need to listen to the whispers of my body with more attention? Is there something I simply want to try out?

So, over the next few months I’m going to share some of the things I do to look after myself. They are easy, because I like easy things and either I KNOW they work or I strongly SUSPECT they do and want to find out. They are things I think – “Yep, I can do that!”

So, in this blog I want to share my new best buddy ….. BEETROOT JUICE

Very easy this one. Remember I’m an ‘easy girl’ so don’t make my own juice, but respect to you if you do.

I buy 2 brands that both energy test strong for me:

Cawston Press – BRILLIANT BEETROOT, which is blended with 10% apple juice so adds some natural sweetness.

James White – BEET IT – organic juice (the price for this ones varies enormously, so shop around for the best deal.)

I have a medium sized glass in the morning and another in the afternoon. I grow a lot of mint in my garden and will sometimes crush a few leaves into the juice.

Occasionally I put it in my ‘green drink’. This is basically anything ‘green’ I have in my veggie tray + an avocado, some linseeds and anything else I choose to get creative with. This has resulted in some unusually delicious drinks but also, I have to admit, some pretty disgusting ones! But the secret is not to copy everyone else but to be curious, explore and create your own special recipes.

Apart from liking the taste, why do I drink it?

Before I go into that, let me say that if you DON’T like the taste, don’t force yourself. If you do, you’ll just give up after a few days and there MAY be a reason why you don’t like it, it could be a message from your body that beetroot just doesn’t suit your body chemistry at this particular time. For example, if you have low blood pressure it doesn't make sense to drink it as it's probably going to take the pressure even lower.

Self-care has to bring a smile to you lips and when food is concerned it has to have me 'smacking my lips'.

Back to ‘me’ – why do I drink it? Because it may do 3 key things for me ….

1. Lower my blood pressure, said to reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke. How does it do that? One reason is that the nitrates in beetroots are converted into NITRIC OXIDE in the blood which can help to relax and widen blood vessels. Another benefit of these nitrates is that it can slow down the progression of dementia by increasing blood flow to the brain. NB be cautious if you already have low blood pressure.

2. Help protect my liver against fatty deposits and toxins.

3. Lower any bad cholesterol

Plus I feel deliciously, enjoyably ‘virtuous’ when I drink it …. So has to be good for my emotional well-being too.

In his book HEALING WITH WHOLE FOODS, Paul Pitchford says:

“… it strengthens the heart, sedates the spirit, improves circulation, purifies the blood, benefits the liver, moistens the intestines and promotes menstruation. Used with carrots for hormone regulation during menopause; treats liver stagnancy and liver ailments in general, as well as constipation – especially the type resulting from fluid dryness; also treats nervousness and congestions of the vascular system.”

Pretty impressive I’d say!

Are you thinking: “I don’t care about all those benefits, I’m not drinking that earthy tasting red juice!” or, are you thinking …. YES! I CAN DO THAT!

If it's the former, simply ignore this blog and perhaps my next one will inspire you more.

If it's the latter - go and get 'beet up' !

PS that earthy red juice also turns you urine red …. So don’t be alarmed.

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Good for athletes, too!! 😊

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