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Autumn musings from Maddie

I love walking the island countryside in any season, but Autumn in England, in fact in most countries that experience clear seasons, is a time of sheer natural wonder, when the landscape undergoes a breath-taking transformation.

As the leaves transition from lush greens to a mesmerizing palette of reds, oranges, and yellows, a profound sense of quiet quiet anticipation permeates the air, as we enter the gentle restoring season of Yin.

This harmonious interplay of colours and light evokes a deep sense of awe and appreciation for the beauty of Nature. As the leaves fall and the morning temperature becomes crisp, those fallen leaves crunch and rustle beneath your feet, releasing an earthy, comforting scent. A delight to our senses.

The gentle breeze carries with it the faint fragrance of damp earth, and the distant call of migrating birds adds a touch of melancholy to the scene. As I type this a flock of Canadian Geese take to the skies. Merlin and Mabel will be pleased as frequently when they take their dip in the 'lake' 50+ geese silently swim over and surprise them! Mabel just turns her back and continues paddling and Merlin gets all macho and swims out to greet them, then gets scared and beats a doggie paddling hasty retreat.

This sensory symphony and the change that Nature around you is undergoing begins to immerse you in the moment, allowing you to forget the stresses of daily life and revel in the serene embrace of the natural world.... it sets the scene for us to begin our 'hibernation', take time to go within to recalibrate, heal, nurture and replenish ...... listen to your body at this time of year, it will be sending subtle messages as it aligns with Nature; if you can, take your foot off the pedal a bit, ease up to align with the elemental time of year .... your body, mind and spirt will thank you!

Autumn also brings with it the promise of bountiful harvests. The abundance of seasonal produce not only nourishes the body but also feeds the soul. My slow cooker is coming out soon and soups will feature strongly on my menu!

I'm already ordering my wood for the Winter fire and getting out my warm thick sweaters and looking forward to snuggling under the blankets, warm and toasty when it's cold outside.

What are YOU doing for your self care as the nights draw in? Take a moment to consider what changes might benefit you: change of diet, fresh air, hydration, quiet time, catching up on those inspiration books and videos you keep meaning to read or watch!

Even if you choose only one thing, honour yourself and Autumn by musing on what that might be !

A poem for Donna ......

In the realm of Eden's healing light,

Where autumn leaves in hues so bright,

Energy flows, a gentle stream,

In harmony, it's more than it seems.

As nature's colours softly sway,

In Eden's touch, the body may,

Find balance, health, and vibrant grace,

As autumn whispers secrets to embrace.

With hands that dance like falling leaves,

Eden's wisdom, the soul believes,

In autumn's rhythm, a healing art,

Where energy flows, a brand-new start.

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