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I will be doing an entire home study module on Chakras, but in the meantime, consider this:

The classic chakra team runs up the torso and is fed partly from the energies of the Earth beneath us – the Earth Star being a key player.

So, energy runs up from the Earth to feed the Chakra team.

But … what happens if that route becomes blocked? The energy feed can become a trickle rather than a powerful flow.

There is an easy solution:

Energy primarily gets stuck in joints and you have some key ones in your legs, namely ANKLES and KNEES.

Release this stuck energy by tapping gently either with your fingertips or the spikes of a plastic hairbrush all around the ankles and then brush with the palms of your hands, off the ankles and feet, shaking any stale energy off your hands and into the earth.

Next move up to the knees and do the same, tapping (about 30 seconds) and then pulling the energy off the legs, carefully including the toes.

You will have opened the pathways for energy to flow up into the Chakra team with more efficiency which in turn will impact on the function of the chakras, especially the Root and Womb chakras.

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