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ACONITE - for you and your 4-legged companion.

What a beautiful plant! Traditionally native to the northern hemisphere but now grown globally. The shape has given rise to other names such as: Monkshood and it's other old name of Wolf's Bane came about because in days gone by shepherds would use raw meat mixed with Aconite to bait and poison wolves that were attacking their sheep.

Aconite in it's natural form can be toxic and has always been linked to magical potions and to keep witches soaring on their broomsticks - interestingly the other night in His Dark Materials (TV adaptation of Philip Pulman's trilogy His Dark Materials) there were scenes of it being extracted from beneath the skin of a witch. J K Rowling includes it in some Potter potions. It has been used as a poison in history, e.g. the Roman Emperor Claudius is said to have suffered it's effects. If you ingested it, it would cause cardiovascular and CNS problems.

HOWEVER let's not dwell on that side of the plant, it's perfectly safe in it's homeopathic form and as my friend Michelle reminded me the other day, it's an excellent remedy to have in your personal 'emergency' kit for use with your family and pets. Why?

Great for:

  • Shock/receiving shocking news

  • Depression/low spirits after an episode of shock or fright that is linked with fear of death

  • Calm the panic and fear of being injured

  • Reduce effects of trauma/accident

  • Homeopathic painkiller: fractures, sprains, burns, bruises, and injuries

  • Post surgery recovery

  • Acute symptoms of osteoarthritis, including shooting pains in the joints, tingling, and numbness.

  • Sudden colds or fevers

  • Respiratory problems

  • Emotional stress

  • all the above for your pet + a great tool to consider if a visit to the vet is the end of the world to your pet!

  • also give to your pet at the very first sign of illness, wounding etc., it can nip any infection in the bud.

If you are an energy worker of any kind, make a note that Aconite is useful when working with the Wind or Shock Points - one pill could be taped to any of these points overnight. In fact it's also very good for sleeplessness.

If the shock, fear or symptom is acute try one dose every 20 minutes for 6 doses. Strength 30c

Follow with 4 doses per day over the next 4 days

This is a 'rule of thumb' - if you can energy test or dowse, do so to identify what is EXACTLY right for you. (not sure how to self test? join my website newsletter mailing list and you'll receive 5 free gifts, one of which is a booklet on how to self-test)

Nelsons or Ainsworths are both reputable brands

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Angela Denis
Angela Denis
16 груд. 2020 р.

Hello Maddie, they ( ENT doctors say there is no cure or solution for tinnitus. I've done the protocols from EM, tapping accupuncture . what is your take on this I've also done acutonics and aroma therapy. Stress is not a factor neither is high blood pressure. thanks for your input


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