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Everyone has their 10 minutes of fame and about 20+ years ago I was on UK television a few times strutting my 'energetic stuff' and trying to introduce the whole concept of energy medicine to the general public. On one channel 4 programme I demonstrated how hairbrush tapping can relieve joint pain. From that moment on I enjoyed the title of 'that bird on the TV with the plastic hairbrush'! Well, someone did stop me in Putney High Street and ask for my autograph ... of course I was 'cool' personified but underneath I was really excited, like a little girl ... who me???

OK so what's so special about a cheap plastic hairbrush. It is deceptively simple and profoundly effective. If you have any stiff or painful joints read on. If you don't then pass this to someone who does, because they are an epidemic nowadays.

The ancient and sacred art of plastic hairbrush tapping goes back in the mists of time to my Fulham treatment room in London.

One of the fundamental beliefs of energy work, is that wherever there is pain in the body, there will also be ‘stagnation’ of some kind, a pooling, a lack of flow, diminished movement, congestion: blood, lymph, energy, nerve connections – nothing will be flowing or operating smoothly.

Energy especially becomes ‘stuck’ and can even begin to move backwards along the meridians, causing toxic build up. This, combined with years of wear and tear and probable abuse, results in stiffness and pain, especially in the joints, back, neck and shoulders.

Donna Eden (The Eden Method) used tapping to bring her out of MS – yes, you heard right, it lifted her into remission in which she has stayed for decades. Google her story or read her book Energy Medicine where she talks about it.

Simple can be good.

First of all go and buy yourself a cheap hairbrush – the plastic type that has stiff spikes – they will be acting like 50 little fingers, each one stimulating the area being tapped.

With a light, flexible wrist, gently tap all over the joint area with the spiky side of the hairbrush. Bounce the spikes off the skin rather than hit the area. (obviously never do this on an open wound).

Tapping can be in any direction, speed or pattern you wish.

The skin should be covered with material – I do it occasionally but it is not advisable to tap directly onto skin.

Tap for 10 seconds or 10 minutes – whatever feels good or is convenient.

Lightly rub, in an anticlockwise circle, over the painful area with either the heel of the hand or with the fingers. An anticlockwise direction tends to ‘lift’ pain out of an area. You may like to use some oil to help the process – a few drops of the essential oils Black Pepper and Sweet Marjoram diluted in a carrier such as Sweet Almond Oil, smell divine as they warm and relax the area. Creams that contain Wintergreen, menthol, eucalyptus, camphor etc., are useful tools in your arsenal against rigidity and pain.... and of course we need to take a look at our attitudes and thoughts – are they too rigid?

‘brush off’ the limb with the flat palms of your hands. For example, if you were tapping the knee joint you would end by placing both palms on either side of the knee and with a light pressure, slide the hands down to the feet and come off the toes.

End by tracing Figure 8’s [Tibetan healing symbol] over the area.

It is inexpensive and takes very little time or effort.

TIP - Keep the brush in eyesight, maybe by the bed, television, computer – wherever you will see it. That way it will remind you to tap. If it is stuck away in a draw, believe me, you will forget to do it!

Keep the joints

[a] well oiled by including in your diet foods such as: fish, flaxseed oil, Udo’s Choice, walnuts, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, leafy vegetables and avocados.

[b] Hydrated with lots of water - energy test to see the optimum amount for your body chemistry.

Finally, create space for the energy, lymph, blood and lubricating fluids to flow through the joints and entire body. Gentle stretching is perfect for creating such space. We all know how to do it and if you are not sure, join a yoga class, ask your health professional or simply go on line and find a series of stretches, try them and see which ones feel great, which ones really feel as if they are safely and easily opening up the body, which ones feel like a healing force in themselves - incorporate these into your daily life.

Click the You Tube link for a visual demo

and here's me showing off my flexible joints,after a hairbrush tapping session!

Oh ... and if you want to know more about helping relieve stiff joints, I've got a little book on Amazon - check out the 'Books' section on my website or Amazon.

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