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Someone asked me a very good question this morning


"Just watched replay and am excited to add this to my body improvement goals. But how do you test quantity for casseroles, etc?"

What I would do, for example with the casserole is ...

I would have cooked the casserole with ingredients that tested strong.

Once cooked and ready to serve I would hold the serving spoon on the hot dish (in this instance not against my body as it's hot)

I would then set the intention that I'm testing for the optimum serving for my health and wellbeing

while you won't be adding actual extra serving spoons, you just say clearly the quantity.

For example:

  • Is the optimum serving for me at this moment in time more than one? - may test strong

  • more than two? - may test strong

  • more than three ?- may test strong

  • more than four ?- may test weak

So I therefore know that up to four serving spoon portions is ideal for my body to metabolise with ease, after four, yes I'm sure it will process the food BUT much less efficiently which in turn causes stress.

RULE OF THUMB - if you can't do the obvious (as I did with the lemons in the recording), hold your intention strong and get creative - having something 'physical' to give your focus more direction - in this case the serving spoon, but could be a bowl, cup, mug, glass depending upon what liquid you are testing - will make your self testing more accurate.

So, holding that serving spoon left my Wise One Within in no doubt whatsoever the measurement I'm imagining.

You can do it without the physical serving spoon but you will really need to have the ability to hold the measurement clearly in your mind.... which you'll get with time and practice. You can see how the use of a 'receptacle' of some kind just makes it easier ... and as you all know ... I'm all for 'easy'!

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