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ENERGY TESTING step by step

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

As you may know, I've given a small online class on SIMPLE ENERGY TESTING this week and have been really surprised at the interest and response. It's given me an idea for something to support you during the coming weeks, in fact for the rest of your life, and something I'll enjoy doing.

I'd love to offer you a series of small online classes, probably every three weeks. It is my gift to you in these challenging times so there is no charge. The intention around this is to relax and enjoy the experience together. It will be informal and informative.

Each class will build on the one before and be designed to progressively 'uplevel' your energy testing skills. Learning how to decipher the unique language of your body.

My focus will be very much on energy testing foods, it's a great way to gain confidence and develop your own style of testing and to discover how to make food your medicine.

From the simple self-testing of this week to testing others, surrogate testing animals and all the tips and nuances that will make you a GREAT energy tester!

My simple aim is that at the end of the series, you will be surprised and excited at the increase in your skill, accuracy and confidence!

Each step will consist of a pre-recorded class and handout that you can study and then a few days later we'll come together online for questions and clarity.

All the details, material and links will be in a newsletter sent out to my website mailing list, so make sure you are on it.

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