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CHINESE FINGER RINGS known as Sujok rings in the Himalayan tradition

My hands have served me well over the past decades, but sometimes they need a little extra care and that’s when I call upon the Chinese Finger Rings …. No! they are not some kind of Oriental torture but a quick and effective way, to:

· release trapped energy (that can often be the cause of pain/stiffness) in the fingers

· increase nourishing and healing blood flow

· stimulate nerves and reflexology areas

· encourage lymph flow to remove toxic build up

· stimulate numerous acupressure points on the fingers

· reduce puffiness in the fingers

Not bad for a very small investment in time and money. If you work with your hands a lot or suffer, numbness, stiffness, arthritis or hand issues you may find them useful if used for a minute or two daily. They can be popped in your pocket or bag and taken and used anywhere and have the added benefit that anyone, even children can use them, you don’t need to be a practitioner!

Place the ring on the finger, it will be a snug fit, roll it up and down the finger at a speed and rhythm that feels right to you. Aim for about 20-30 seconds per finger and obviously don’t use on a bruised or wounded finger. Your finger will probably feel tingly as everything is stirred up. End by ‘pulling’ the energy off each finger and shaking that old tired energy into the ground.

Here’s how ……

As they have become more popular and available over here in the West, the price has come down to about 50p. Below is the link to Amazon’s selection. They can break but just stick them together with a superglue of some sort.

Here’s a great little clip offering an explanation on why we use the 3rdfinger for our wedding rings.

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