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I have worked with flower essences for 30+ years now and never tire of their energies. Not only have they supported my work with clients they have also got me through some pretty tricky times in my life!

This appeared on my feed today and it reminded me of why I respect and love Ian White's Australian Bush Flower essences, I would go as far as to say they are my absolute favourite range. It makes me smile to see he's still as enthusiastic as he was when he first started out. Click on the link above to see him talk about Bottlebrush.

Don't restrict it to us humans, often your 4-leggeds will benefit.

Bottlebrush is effective at:

  • healing any damaged bond between a mother and child

  • emotional overwhelm associated with change

  • helping you release and move on - transition

  • supporting us when we let go of the old, familiar way of doing things

  • relaxing into a situation and coping

Here is how he describes Bottlebrush:

Potential imbalances:

Stubborn but strong personality, fear of letting go and cleansing, in set patterns with a resistance to change, (including puberty, parenthood, menopause, midlife crisis old age and death)

Positive influences:

Calm acceptance of the moving times with greater ability to cope with confidence; regaining strength and the flexibility to take on new challenges, seeing with openness new possibilities; able to help and care for others in times of change and to live peacefully in the moment.

Affirmation: I am flexible and accept change with ease and grace - all is well

Often the Earth Element in us doesn't like 'change' so saying this affirmation while tapping the apex of our cheeks (just below the eyes) and/or Spleen 21 (monkey thumping) located about a hand width below each armpit on the side of the body ..... can help us accept change as it comes into our lives.

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