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As some of you will know, I love sharing tips and techniques to support weight 'adjustment'. Someone asked me a great question today and I thought I'd share it with you all ...

If we energy test food and it says it's good for you, then why do we still get bloated? Granted, I'm not as bloated as before, but still bloated nonetheless.

Does that happen to you? It does to me sometimes and not just my abdomen, my fingers and toes - everything will bloat. The two foods I have to be very careful with in this respect are cheese and bread. Being a little cheese addict, let's get real, I'm never going to give cheese (or bread) up forever, but I do reduce it and nine times ( well, OK eight times) out of ten I will energy test these few things that can help my body process it with ease and not bloat.

You need to be able to energy test yourself. If you are not sure of how to do that visit my You Tube channel Maddie King and there are 4 short videos, each showing a different technique, choose the one that seems to work best for you and practice, practice practice. Sooner or later you'll realise that the testing is accurate and working for you - it will become a valuable 'tool' in your self care for the rest of your life.

Back to the bloating issues. Energy Test ….

  • The food in a general sense

  • The brand of food, or in my case the type of cheese - you may have to test a variety until you find one that your body seems to like

  • The amount of food - you may be fine with just a small amount but any more will begin to stress your body, which can initiate bloating

  • The time of day you eat the food - morning or afternoon? If you are a stickler for detail you can even test to see the exact hour.

Makes me sound like an obsessed food saint and I'm not! I will sometimes give in to my cheese addiction and conveniently 'forget' to test - honestly, unless you have the iron will of Madonna on these matters, we ALL slip up sometimes. When that happens, this is what you can do:

  • Smile - your head is not going to fall off

  • Tap your Spleen 21 points (about a palms width under your armpits) for 15-30 seconds

  • Say something positive like : Hmmmm, that was good and my body processes it and metabolises it with such ease and grace. Thank you.

Enjoy it, if you feel guilty or a 'failure' the energies of those emotions will inhibit your body's ability to process the food and yes, the dreaded bloat will appear.

NB Spleen tapping is a great thing to do before and after taking any nutritional supplements, it helps the body absorb the optimum beneficial elements.

Hope this helps: in the whole area of weight adjustment it helps to keep the energies light around it and view every day as a new page and one that you get to make healthy choices.

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