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Green Aventurine is one of my favourite stones, mine have just been out 'grounding' in the garden receiving earth, moon, wind and rain energy and now a little gentle English sunshine.

If you attended my Money Matters class, I think I mentioned it as a stone that is often called 'the Stone of Opportunity' and can help align your energies to prosperity. Hold it while making affirmations around success and abundance.

I think I'm attracted to it because it also has an energy of 'fun' and openness to people and situations: a special kind of 'lightness of being'.

Being green it makes sense that it has a strong Earth connection and is useful for grounding and absorbing and electromagnetic pollution - I have a little band of them sitting in front of my computer right now, along with some fluorite.

It protects my heart against any EMFs from the computer and in itself is excellent for those with any cardiac issues.

Also when our hearts get hit by loss, Green Aventurine can soothe the wounds. Try gently stroking the inner forearm with a cleansed stone, it's healing qualities gently connect to part of the Heart and Heart Protector energy pathways. Follow by stroking around the inner wrist (both of them) to stimulate the Heart and Heart Protector 'source points'. Both bringing a feeling of calm and emotional anchoring in a time of emotional chaos.

As you would imagine, this stone is a great one to use over the Heart Chakra - enjoy it's restorative and protective qualities.

If you'd like to know more about crystals Kim Dowdell is doing a series of classes at the end of October - make sure you're either signed up for my newsletter (I'll mail out about them) or keep an eye on social media for information and registration - details should be out soon.

I asked Kim what she thought of Aventurine: "Aventurine is lovely for releasing limitations we impose on ourselves in our creativity -  like the career advisor of the mineral kingdom. It deep healing can be worked with anywhere in the body."

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