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In the blog 'Are you a Mindless Muncher?' see link below, I talk about chewing slowly, taking your time, enjoying the experience of eating. However, if you are in the habit of 'fast' eating, not really chewing or eating mindlessly, it may take some focus and effort to change what might be a habit of a lifetime.

Here’s something that may help you.

Before you eat take one minute to do this:

  • Both feet on the floor

  • Smile

  • Rub your hands together and shake them off

  • Place your left hand over your heart area, palm against you

  • With the middle finger of the right hand, gently tap on the top of the left hand, about one inch down from the base of the ring and little fingers.

  • As you tap, talk to yourself. For example ….. even though I really love my grub, I now find it easy to take my time, I’m enjoying eating in a mindful way and chewing every single mouthful, happily and really savouring the experience. I take my time, I chew and I’m truly appreciating every single mouthful. I even find I’m putting down my knife and fork between those mouthfuls! I’m changing this habit and enjoying doing so.

See if this slows down your eating and you find yourself chewing more mindfully!

TOP TIP - if you are in public and don't want to draw attention to yourself, but want to slow yourself down .... tap anywhere on the body discreetly, while thinking the above phrase (or phrase of your choice), it will still work.

Why might it help you?

Connecting to the energy of the heart area, is connecting to the energy of love, including self-love and healthy eating habits are all about self-love.

Using the middle finger is using the Heat Protector (Pericardium) energy, as the meridian runs along the middle finger of each hand. This is a gentle, nurturing energy that feels safe to the body, it opens up the ‘inner gate’ to accepting any suggestion on a deeper level.

There is evidence that when you talk about something, in this case mindful eating/chewing your food more slowly, it activates certain areas of the brain directly associated with the 'subject'.

When you tap the body mechanically it ignites an energetic flow that goes through the body but will be attracted to the part of the brain that is being activated by your words.

So, talking and tapping at the same time in this way, really can begin to influence your brain, your way of thinking and support changing habits.

The point you are tapping on the back of the left hand is associated with Triple Warmer, your outer ‘gate keeper’, stress response maestro and keeper of habits, both good and bad. If you can calm the stress response with this tapping and talking, your thoughts and energies will be far more likely to accept the suggestions you are making through your personal 'self talk'.

Smile while you do it so that you are releasing endorphins into the system which further persuades your Mini-me to chew and be mindful – because endorphins are our happy hormone so the association will be a pleasant one and you’ll find less resistance to the idea of creating a new habit.

Finally, rubbing your hands together and shaking them off, disperses any old stale, tired energy that can make the technique sluggish rather than revitalising.

SECRET TO SUCCESS? find a way of reminding yourself to do it before you eat.

Happy tapping – try it for 21 days and see what a difference it makes.

You can adapt to other goals - for example, take a look at a previous blog I wrote last year

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