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I've just got off a call with the Weight-loss Warriors and we have agreed to quit all 'obvious' sugars for the next 21 days. Sugar is highly addictive and they say it takes 21 days to kick a habit!

It shouldn't be TOO hard for me because I'm more a cheese lover than a sweet toother. Although saying that, I take sugar in my morning coffee ... all organic and unrefined BUT it's still sugar, however I dress it up and the quarter teaspoon has crept up to one loaded teaspoon. So time to stop this habit before it gets too entrenched.

I'm going cold turkey but will try this little helper ...

Chromium Picolinate supplements for 21 days. It's a great blood sugar leveller, so if you are a chocoholic about to go 'cold turkey', taking this supplement for 3-4 weeks may help and support you in the transition as your body chemistry adjusts - and it will have to. The sugary white stuff is said to be as addictive as that 'other' white stuff!

Chromium is an important mineral which can help insulin perform it's tasks in the body, which is why it has been researched in relation to Diabetes. If insulin levels are stable we process carbs, fat and protein more efficiently. The Picolinate form simply means we absorb the supplement more easily. I'll let you know if it curbs my appetite, limited research suggests it does as well as cravings and binge eating. Hmmmm, that sounds interesting, I can be prone to a little binge now and again if there is cheese in the house!

Here we go - watch this space!

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