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My non-negotiables!

I have 'done yoga' since a teenager - so a LONG time and I fell in love with Pilates about 25 years ago. I love in-person classes but became very well adjusted to ONLINE classes during Covid's lockdown and now the absolute NON NEGOTIABLES on my self care list are my two weekly classes with Vicky - Monday at 6pm Yoga and Thursday at 6pm Pilates ...

.... I log on and do these classes in my home, in front of the fire in the Winter and in the garden in the Summer.

I love sharing good things and Vicky's teaching is definitely a good thing.

There's no fancy website, she is very down to earth, highly experienced, professional and, shall we say, aware that not everyone can stand upside down on one hand! She watches you like a hawk on the screen.

Why don't you come and join one of the meetings? We can wave at each other!

Simply email Vicky direct on Say you've had this email from me and want to try one class to see if it resonates with you.

Hope to see you on screen next week xxx Maddie

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