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I attended Kim Dowdell's great class on manifestation last night (see her Vision For Living website for details) and shared a little technique I have used myself and taught to others for literally decades - here's a short video, just click on the link or cut and paste the link at the bottom.

If you want to achieve or manifest something, it is essential that not only your conscious mind but that area beyond the conscious (I call it the Mini-Me) is in agreement. If it's not, it will sabotage you every step of the way, there will be a distinct lack of synchronicity, you won't be in the right place at the right time, or find the right words, make the right impression ... it will all seem like pushing water uphill.

However, get it on board and suddenly you just KNOW something is working in your favour, there's a touch of magic in the air and everything seems to easily 'fall into place'.

That Mini-Me works hand in hand with two energies of the body, both 'Gatekeepers', and unless they feel safe, nothing is going to happen as they will mistakenly believe - and it defies any logic - that your very survival is threatened.

So the technique in the video above shows how to talk to the two Gatekeepers, get them to open up so your Mini-me can be convinced it's safe to achieve or manifest your goal.

By placing your left (Yin receiving hand) over your heart you are connecting to that heart energy that only operates from love. You breathe to ground yourself and smile to reassure your body that this is a 'good thing'.

The point at the base of the ring and little fingers (a slight indentation) is one of the Gatekeeper points (Triple Warmer - see button for blog below if you'd like to know more) and tapping it with the middle finger of the righthand is the other Gatekeeper point (Heart Protector, it literally does just that but takes it's job a bit too seriously sometimes). The tapping itself activates the Thymus gland an energy which puts the entire body into a temporary state of balance ..... the perfect environment for you to make your statement and for it to be allowed through the outer and inner gates and absorbed by your Mini-me.

You want to dispel any unconscious fear or anxiety around what you want to achieve and using the prefix IT IS NOW SAFE ........ does just that, it brings in the suggestion of safety, that it's OK:

  • it's not a threat to your survival to lose that excess pound,

  • you won't die if you make the money to enable you to do what you want,

  • nothing horrendous will happen if you leave a job that doesn't inspire you etc.,

Play with the wording until you begin to feel the energy changing for you - it may take a few days or a few weeks, but do this at least once daily and things WILL change - trust the timing. Doing it more than once a day will be even better!

I have been blessed in my life and that is partly because I have managed to persuade that part of me that might sabotage my efforts, to feel safe and 'go for it' with me. Be it changing jobs, getting out of a destructive relationship (yep, I had one of those!), moving house, attracting clients, drawing in a publisher .... whatever it is you need that 'inner you' to support and not undermine your efforts.

Whatever you wish to manifest in life, often it's made easier if you have enough money. It could be finding a cure for Cancer or simply buying some beautiful flowers for your beloved (which might be you!). Ensure your inner attitude is supporting you around the whole issue of money.... it really isn't the root of all evil, it's an energy, that's all, and can be used for tremendous good in the world.

My techniques worked so well for me that I wrote a book that you can get on Amazon MONEY .... IT'S NOT A 4-LETTERED WORD - connecting to your 'universal piggy bank' and I also offer an online home study module called MONEY MATTERS. Links below on the buttons + links to some of my other blogs that may interest you.

Keep tapping and don't forget to let me know of your success!

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