So many of you will remember, with a smile, our wonderful Denny. I only discovered recently that Denny and Gill had become very involved in an orphanage in Nepal. Their story is told by Gill below.

Part of being in a 'tribe' a 'community' means supporting each other and Gill needs support to get out to Nepal.

I had an idea ...

THE SILENT BID There are four items that Denny held dear:
  1. a pair of turquoise earrings

  2. a crystal that we are not sure exactly what it is, but Gill assures me it has a great energy and Denny loved it!

  3. Book 1 - Dan Millman's The Life You Were Born to Live

  4. Book 2 - Clint Roger's Ancient Secrets of a Master Healer

  • You email me (Maddie) with you bid for each one of these items individually.

  • bids should be with me by 30th September

  • Please be sure you include your postal address in that email

  • I will then go through all the bids and the highest one will 'win' the item.

  • If there is a 'draw' on any of the items, I will PM those involved to see if they would like to raise the stakes!

  • Winners will be posted on 4th October

  • Gill will then be in touch direct with you to arrange getting the item to you and for payment of the bid + any postage and packaging necessary.

We don't do this all the time, I think the last time was when we raised funds for Prune's daughter to go to Borneo. However, in memory of our dear Denny, this feels right but do not feel under any pressure to participate, it is 100% voluntary..... but it would be great to be a little part of getting Gill out to the orphanages.

My Dear EEM tribe.

As most of you will know my dearest friend and soul Sister passed away in July, and I know she found a place in many of your hearts. Well an interesting thing has been happening over the last year, we have been writing Denny’s story, wisdoms and more in the form of a book, with the help of a foundation, called The Ancient Secrets Foundation. Some of you will know Denny and myself took part in a course that I was offered a scholarship for,- Ancient Secrets 100 day Training, which was quite extraordinary, all about Aurvedic Sidda Veda medicines , marmma points and more. All I can say, thank heavens the course was during lockdown!! Anyway everyone on the course fell in love with our dear Denny and myself, and out of it came two wonderful things, a passion to help us write Denny’s book which included several special zoom calls all about the power of love, and how Denny overcame her experiences and turned them into a positive, which then followed on by this next thing. There was a special Dr, called Dr Naram (there is a book called Ancient Secrets of a Master Healer by Dr Clint Rogers, a special book for humanity, which has had the blessings of many special people on our planet), and Dr Naram fell in love with and started supporting two orphanages in Nepal. When Dr Naram passed last year the foundation carried on caring for and supporting these orphanages. (the children who live there, I understand, are so surrounded with love, they don’t want to leave and call it their home), and just after Denny passed away, the board of the foundation, decided to re name that part of the foundation that support the orphanages to – THE DENNY DAKIN LOVE FOUNDATION ! Wow how special is that. Next March there is a special, once in a lifetime trip to Nepal , being organised by Dr Clint, to visit these orphanages along with other special things, and I have been invited to go. Spirit gave me an idea, that I wasn’t sure about at first. Spirit said get in touch with friends and clients and offer what is left of Denny’s jewellery, crystals and books in exchange for a donation for my Nepal trip. The result is, everyone seems to love the idea of having a little something of Den’s. I will also be setting up a ‘Go fund Me page’, but this is more exciting. This is where dear Maddie has come in and come up with a brilliant idea - A silent auction, with some of Den’s books and a crystal. What’s extraordinary is that each item energetically stepped forward. The crystal, which I thought was to keep, said it was time for a new home. Each item Den really loved, ( including the Ancient Secrets of a Master Healer – the book I mentioned) so I hope you will too. Thank you all in advance and thank you Maddie for this. My Love Gill xxxx

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