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Do you feel 'bogged down' by it all?

Continuing our journey along the Lung meridian we arrive at the 5th point: Outside Marsh/Foot Marsh. Located in the cubital crease, the pit of the elbow – excellent for any pain along the pathway, especially the complicated elbow joint.

As the name suggests, it can get you out of the boggy marsh of emotions and if I remember rightly it was Barefoot Doctor’s favourite point for letting go of grief – rub rub rub it! I know from personal experience that we have to honour our grief, but the wisdom is in knowing when honouring becomes 'wallowing' and unhealthily stagnant. That's not about forgetting in any way, shape or form; it's learning to constructively live the best life we can without the actual physical presence of our loved one. This point will help you do just that.

I would however give yourself time to grieve, in our modern society if you are still sad after a couple of weeks, people can be very judgemental and can question why you are still sad and not 'getting on with it' !! Give yourself at the very least a gentle year, that year is full of 'firsts'; the first wedding anniversary without them, birthday, Easter, Christmas, holiday ..... all are highly charged, give yourself that time, don't feel under any pressure to 'get on with it'. You will discover friends who truly support you in this and some who really don't get it at all. Just be with that and find a quiet joy in small acts of kindness and thoughtfulness that come your way.

It is a water point (note the ‘marsh’ aspect).

Water is about fluidity and movement so this is a great point if you are feeling bogged down in any aspect of your life.

If you need a bit more determination and flexibility to let go of that which no longer serves you, knowing that something great is around the corner.

It’s for that feeling we can sometimes have that it’s becoming too late to grasp life, that life is beginning to slip you by … particularly relevant as we age. I sometimes get the feeling that there are not enough years left to do all the things I want to do …. Where on earth did all those decades go!

Rather than get bogged down and waste time in this energy, Lung 5 helps you let go of ‘stuff’ so you can get on and do the things you REALLY want to do!

Using the marsh analogy – good for any phlegm in the lungs.

Whether you hold, massage, rub, circle or Figure 8 this point (on both arms), do so with the intention of coming out of 'stagnation', of moving onwards in your life with ease and not feeling bogged down by life, situations, people or emotions.

Perhaps do some optimistic, positive self-talk; your body will hear you and believe you and you begin to change the energy and when the energy changes, your life opens up with opportunities!

For example: It is now safe for me to let go of xyz, it is time and I let go with love and gratitude, I feel a freedom to step forward without resistance, knowing it's safe, I'm heading in the right direction and am protected every step of the way. All is well. Thank you.

You might use an essential oil, flower essence or crystal on the points. Energy test to see which is the most supportive at this moment in time, dowsing or testing gives you the benefit of biofeedback and can bring to your attention an area that you might not have thought about.

If you're not sure of any of these, use Frankincense resin (From the Oman or Egypt are the best) or some good quality essential oil. Tap onto the points when you go to bed. Use microtape and if it's the oil put a couple of drops on a piece of tissue paper and tape on. Why? because I have found Frankincense to be an almost magical oil/resin in it's ability to achieve balance on all levels of the body and mind. It's highly protective too.


If grief is an issue in your life, you may find my home study module helpful:

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