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Clean Your Tools

We use our hands for so much in our daily life and they can not only get dirty in the traditional sense of the word but also energetically. Energies can accumulate and get ‘stuck’ in our joints (see the Chinese Ring blog) and form a sort of energetic ‘residue’ over the hand itself, especially the palm.

Therefore, it makes sense to remove that residue before you do any work on yourself, others or your animal companion. Otherwise you are working through an energetic ‘barrier’ that will slow down your work.

It’s easy, it’s quick and here’s how you do it ……

· Rub your hands together vigorously for a few seconds

· Shake them both off onto the earth

· Smile and hold hands slightly apart, palm to palm, bring your attention to sensing the energy moving between your hands, expanding and moving, play with it for a few seconds while setting the intention of working from love and healing

And that’s it! Simple but can make a difference.

Look out for future blogs on how to increase the sensitivity and flow of energies from your hands and fingers.

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