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Touch is the first sense a dog develops. Her entire body is covered with touch sensitive nerve endings; she will truly feel your 'hands on' work with her.

We all stroke our dogs but sometimes with the busy pace of modern day life, we can get a bit lapse on the canine cuddling - well I do sometimes. Gosh I hate admitting that, but when I'm in a rush I can so easily not give Merlin or Mabel the cuddles I know they love, where they have 100% of my attention and intention. Bad Mummy Maddie!

But it is our ritual every evening, or when we are walking and I sit to admire the view, to have cuddle time and I use that touch time to connect with them and to just check in with their bodies to ensure all is well; from ticks to tender spots. Most of all to reassure them of my love and gratitude that they share my life.

Spending quality ‘touch time’ with your dog calms and relaxes you both.... but if you are reading this you know that!

So, let this be a reminder to stop what you are doing and go and cuddle your pooch.

One of Merlin's favourite cuddles is the 'chest scratch'. He'll ask for it by pawing my arm until I scratch his chest, if I do it long enough, his eyes close and he disappears into some far off canine continent of sheer bliss!

Here's a little snapshot of what I mean.

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Toby G
Toby G
Oct 06, 2021

Loved readinng this thank you

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