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Are you a brave lover?

Do you contemplate Cupid?

Do you ruminate on romance?

Do you think about love?

Do you love yourself?

Do you feature a strong element of love in all your relationships?


What is love?

LOVE IS the strongest energy on the planet, it can instantly lift and heal a person’s mood, energy, emotion and physical being. Give every friend you meet today a loving smile, you will effectively be giving them a mini healing!

LOVE IS being brave - the greatest things are just on the other side of your fear - step out of the plane (makes sense when you watch this short video with Will Smith). You will only truly regret the things you DON'T do in life. Develop the courage to love life and the people you encounter on the way, wildly, madly and deeply.

LOVE IS not having to say you are sorry (remember that film?) because you were thoughtful in the first place. With the increasing accelerated rush of modern day life, we are thinking less of others, because it takes time;we are becoming more selfish and can, albeit inadvertently, hurt our partner.

Stop and think about your beloved today, from his or her standpoint not your own. Honestly, while empowered self-care should be top of your list, sometimes it's NOT 'all about you'.

Take 10 minutes a day to think about all your relationships, business, family, friends .... do one thing a day for one of those relationships: a handwritten card, a text, asking how they are if they are going through a rough time - you get the idea. THOUGHTFULNESS is love.

We tend more and more to 'postpone' living and loving until things 'slow down', become quieter - there will never, ever be a better time than right NOW to welcome in, and expand, love into your life. MAKE EVERY DAY A LOVING DAY and watch love's light illuminate your world.

LOVE IS treating your partner as you would like to be treated yourself.

LOVE IS being kind – a little act of kindness every day can create mini miracles.

LOVE IS being patient – even when you feel impatient.

LOVE IS listening and truly hearing what your beloved is saying. Meaning is often beyond the

words of language.

LOVE IS laughing at yourself and with each other. A laugh is one of life’s most effective argument


LOVE IS not sweating the small stuff and maintaining a healthy perspective on life and your


LOVE CAN BE SEXY – activate your joy generators by lightly scratching each other’s back with

fingertips or a feather. Hmmmmm!

LOVE IS hooking up your energies – imagine a giant figure of 8 flowing between your body and

your beloved’s, be it a person or pet.

LOVE IS sharing the good times and enhancing them. When times are bad, sharing dilutes the pain a little and find the blessing. I was reminded only yesterday that sometimes when what we perceive to be 'disaster' striking, is in fact a glorious door of opportunity opening.

LOVE IS giving space. Don’t cling, honour with grace your beloved’s need for a little space in

his/her life, nobody wants to feel trapped.

LOVE IS learning the gentle art of compromise but not losing your own identity.

LOVE IS honesty – be truthful with yourself as well as your beloved. What do you really want? How

do you really feel? What do you really need? Your partner (be it business or personal) is probably not a gifted mind-reader!

LOVE IS action not just golden words. Words without action are just useless puffs of air. Boy, I've had enough of golden words in my romantic life but I now remember, and hold precious, the loving 'actions' of those that have blessed my life.

LOVE IS not holding grudges, they only fester and damage a relationship – have the courage to get it out in the open, discuss, find a solution and let it go.

LOVE IS not being judgemental or over critical. Understanding and support is the lynch-pin in any

successful relationship.

LOVE IS above all, about communication, without it a relationship is doomed – is your

communication getting lazy?

If you are lucky enough to have a beloved or be someone’s beloved – cherish and nurture that love.

If love is not a feature in your life, the Persian poet Rumi said:

“your task is not to seek for love, but

merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it”

We can all get our hearts broken, that is part of life, part of living, have the courage to get up off the mat, brush yourself down, plump up your heart and carry on ....

Edwin Louis Cole said: "You don't drown by falling in the water; you drown by staying there".

The secret is not to fear a ‘broken’ heart but

have the courage to keep an ‘open’ heart.

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