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A magic ingredient to achieving your GOALS

This weekend I was teaching the WEIGHT CLASS with the amazing Donna Eden and Kim Dowdell for The Eden Method and one of the things I stressed was: set a clear goal, you can only achieve your 'weight goal' (or any goal for that matter), if you can see/sense it clearly ... it's a 'universal law'..... and 'science' is now beginning to support the theory, so it must be true :)

Focus on the desired END RESULT of your weight management plan, plug into that WISE ONE WITHIN - the FULL DAISY !!! (private joke with those that came to the class).

When you, and your Mini-me can see it clearly and believe it will happen .... then it will.

Keep positive!


This is what Dolores Cannon always said - and it's true!

Here's a little technique that can help you achieve that clarity ...

I think it has it’s roots in NLP, I came across it about 30 years ago.

  • Close your eyes and imagine a screen in front of you

  • Doesn’t matter what’s projected on the screen – wipe it clean (like a windscreen wiper action)

  • Now project a living picture of you, slim, fit, healthy, happy onto the screen.

  • Make it full colour, happy, vibrant.

  • Bring the picture alive with your senses: what can you see, hear, feel, smell?

  • Make it achievable! 

  • Dwell on this for a minute and then say a loud ‘YES!’, put a tick (check) on the screen and close it down.

Believe it will happen, you can make it happen, all the forces will be supporting you.

Feel confident.

You can do this, you can achieve this.

FIND IT HARD TO IMAGINE? If it's hard to see with your 'mind's eye' - then bring it to life and create a vision board, add pictures that represent what you want to achieve, quotes - anything that helps you define what you'd like to achieve.

Weight is so intricately woven together with our body image so you might find

this podcast I did for BODY IMAGE interesting and something to ponder upon!

PS - if you missed the class you can still get the replay videos, pdf handouts (a total of about 150 pages) FULL of tips and techniques + there are various free bonuses treats AND you can get to join Kim and I for our FREE Q&A class on 10th February. Simply click on this link:


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